Woo Spring Is Coming!!

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Category: General Blogs   Author: Noel   Posted: 1 year ago
URL: http://noelsnaughtynook.com/blog/woo-spring-is-coming

Im so excited for the coming warmer weather... Spring in particular (Summer can kiss my white-ass). Im hopping to shoot so much content for you guys here on the nook! I wanna do more out doorsy stuff, and with it being warmer I'll finally be able to... I've been chatting with a few photographers (and just a few friends I can throw my camera at and go TAKE PICTURES NOW) so I've got some fun stuff planned.

I've been keeping busy with my own little schedule. Between working CONSTANTLY on Pixel Vixens stuff and attempting to have a social life Saturdays and Sundays, I've not had much time to sit and relax. That's alright though - Im having fun with the busy-ness.

Some of the Pixel Vixens team and I are planning another DVD. We're hoping to start shooting late May. Im super excited to see some of the girls again - I've missed them all so much! Seriously, the Vixens are my damn family... and any chance I get to see them I'm super duper pumped. Half of me just wished time would fly by faster so I can see them right NOW! Lol.

Hopefully while they're around, I can shoot some hot girl on girl action for members here - what do you all think? Im sure we could make room for some sexy time ;)

Anywho, Im off for some lunch - toodles!


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