Where Have i Been? And Wtf Is Up With Cam Shows?

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Category: General Blogs   Author: Noel   Posted: 3 months ago
URL: http://noelsnaughtynook.com/blog/where-have-i-been-and-wtf-is-up-with-cam-shows

That's a good question people... And for that, this blog will have some big announcements pertaining to NNN.

As of late, I have become very VERY busy in my personal life, my volunteer life, and my work life. I'm juggling a whole bunch of different stuff right now and it's gotten to the point I never have time for things like my camshows on here and my own personal wants and needs. It's unfair to promise you guys weekly cam shows and then miss out on them constantly.

I'm sure many of you are reading this going "oh god, she's going to shut down the site" OH HELL NO. I LOVE having Noelsnaughtynook.com, and it will continue to have weekly updates of either photo or video content at the BAREST of minimums.

This is, however, me announcing that cam chats are going on a hiatus for a while. Cam chats aren't stopping for -good- (I hope) but they are going on hold for a little while. I'm sorry if some of you view the site only for the cam chats, and they are awful fun... but right now I honestly just can't get the time for them.

I hope none of you are angry due to this, but anymore it's straining me thin trying to be home every Wednesday night in order to do these shows when I have a bucket full of other things going on. I'm full time over at Pixel-Vixens.com , doing a shiz ton of background stuff (which, btw, you should all check out the forums. I pop in every once in a while and respond to a few things since it takes me a total of five minutes to do that) Im also part-time with my haunt anymore (or even MORE than that). I love my haunt, and they rely on me very, very much... and I can't let them down with all the stuff they rely on me for.

I will continue updating the site on Fridays per usual, and I'll try to occasionally get a little extra content in to make up for the no shows.

I will announce when (if) cam chats come back here. However, cam chats from other girls should be starting over at pixel-vixens.com :)


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