Possibly Moving?!

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Category: General Blogs   Author: Noel   Posted: 1 year ago
URL: http://noelsnaughtynook.com/blog/possibly-moving

Thats right guys, I might be possibly moving for the FINAL TIME! I know I know, I seem to move at least once a year, due to finding better and cheaper apartments to rent out... however this time I wont be moving out too quickly, because I'm BUYING A HOUSE!

That's right. Noel Cypress is buying a fucking house. And what does that mean?

That means my own back yard... where I can shoot content. My own porch... Where I can shoot content. MULTIPLE ROOMS WHERE I CAN SHOOT CONTENT!!! AHHHHHH!

Im very... VERY excited for this to happen. SO I'm doing sales and all that jazz in order to cover the initial down payment, the earnest money, ect.

If you follow my facebook, you should know about the sales... if not, just PM me on there, I don't wanna bore yall readers with repeating the sales that are going on :D

This is a big step for me and I'm REALLY excited for it! Cross your fingers for me, guys!


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