My Health And What That Means For Nnn

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Category: General Blogs   Author: Noel   Posted: 1 year ago

Hey guys! If you've been following my twitter and my facebook, you will know that for the past two weeks or so my health has been pretty wonky. Ever since my surgery in February I've just not been myself and giving my 100%. I don't feel like it is proper to divulge all my health issues on this blog as some of it is very private in my opinion (no. I dont have a STD or anything horrendous like that :P I'd have to get laid waaaay more for that to happen... HAH!!) HOWEVER. It -is- proper for me to explain that as of this week I will no longer be updating NNN weekly until my health recovers. This doesn't mean I'm done updating period for good (at least, lordy I hope not), and that DEFINITELY doesn't mean that my thousands and thousands of photos and videos already on the site are going anywhere, it means that I need to take a breather for not only myself, but for my work's content too. I'm sluggish and drowsey almost constantly, working in the background for Pixel Vixens is enough to tire me the hell out, and by the end of the week I've been bedridden and miserable. In this state, I simply can't bring you guys GOOD material. Not only that, I feel for once I need to really just concentrate on my health rather than everything else - because this is growing into a big deal to me. So, for until I am feeling 100% my sexy self again, I will only be updating on weeks that I am able to steal myself some sexy time and shoot content. This could mean once a month, it could mean I'm blowing gas out of my ass and I still continue updating once a week after this week - I simply don't know. However, for members who are joining - don't worry! There are over three years worth of content on this site! Hours upon hours of video and thousands of photos! Still very much worth the 15$ a month, I assure you <3

Hmm I feel like Im babbling now. Thank you all for the warm words and kind wishes toward me on all the social media - it is highly appreciated. Please be patient in my time of recovering. For those curious I have another doctors appointment next Friday, so maybe they'll have ground breaking news for me!!!

Until then, all. I'll try to make sure I get better ASAP.


p.s. enjoy a random suuuuper old pic from a set that went up YEARS ago. Yeah - incentive to look at some of my amazing old stuff, huh? :P


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