i Actually Went On Adventures

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Category: General Blogs   Author: Noel   Posted: 2 months ago
URL: http://noelsnaughtynook.com/blog/i-actually-went-on-adventures

thats right! I DID SHIT THIS WEEK!

Be proud of me. I know you are. This little hermit is learning that sex, anime and video games isn't the only part of life. Haha.

Anywho. A couple of friends and I went to a fun world that's in the city about 45 minutes from where I live. It was fun! For only 20$ we got to Lazer Tag, Go Carts, Mini Golf, Bat in a batting cage, and run ammock in their adult-sized play-place complete with bouncing castles and a ball pit. Needless to say.. It was fun. Oh. And lazer tag with brightly colored hair? A nono. That's without light. Which means I was realllly easy to find. haha.

The go carting was honestly my favorite part. Going so fast and trying to pass everyone without crashing was just... FUN. and the wind in my hair was ammmaaazing sauce.

Oh, I also went to the mall after the day at the fun world.. buuuuut that's not nearly as exciting to hear about XD

Except for the fact I got REALLY AWESOME TIGHTS (main blog photo)

Hermnermnerm... What else?

OH. I should probably delve into the explanation of this weeks update.

SO. During the week, my room mate was home (the other one left. LOOONG story. Do NOT wanna get into it) and they had friends over. Sooo about three other people were in my house. They were in the roomies room minding their own business, and I was in the living room alone. And it was like "BAM". Uber horny. Out of fucking no where. And Im looking around like "errrm..." because I don't wanna masturbate with people over at my house but seriously. It. Was. That. Bad. SO I figured... I may as well try something different... And popped my phone out (since my camera was in another room, and I didn't want to alarm them but moving about too much. I was being paranoid) So that whole fetish of "oh my goodness I could get caught at any given moment"??? MAKES. EVERYTHING. HOTTER. Jeeeminy Christmas. It was just... Umf. Just. Umf. You can really tell Im enjoying it, since some photos are blurry from me shaking too much. Hahahahaha.

SO I figured you guys would enjoy that. I know you all like seeing glimpses into my life, and I enjoy trying new things and sharig it with you all. Soooo wewt

... Now watch. The roomy or a friend will read this and be like "I WAS JUST A ROOM AWAY! WTF" hahahahahaha.

But yeah. Soooo that was my exciting week <_< >_>

I need to chronicle my life with pictures more. haha.


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