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Category: General Blogs   Author: Noel   Posted: 1 year ago

So many of you know I ADORE corny parody porn. Hell I directed my first one (which will be shipping out shortly! SQUEE!) and its corny as all fuck. This weeks update is yet another corny parody of Nightvale. It's a damn good podcast called "Welcome to Nightvale". If you haven't given it a listen, do. It's just so damn good. Think Lovecraft-ian mythos with a silly spin and the most fabulous gay man as the host ever. With the voice that is cream. Nom. His voice is seriously so damn beautiful. Anywho - I digress!

Some of you will notice that I'm a little bushy right now - there's a reason. I nearly never let myself grow this much HOWEVER due to surgery I literally am NOT ALLOWED to shave until my doctor says it's safe. I cut up near the top of my shave line so it'd be dangerous to fuck with the stitches there... So to those who love some bush - this is your month! To those who don't... Uh... my boobs are still hairless? Actually you can kind of see my bandages in the video if you squint. So... thats... Uh.. Nifty?

For those who keep asking how I'm doing - I'm doing great. Recovery has taken a little longer than I'd hoped and being banned from certain things (shaving. bubble baths.) has made things a little uncomfortable for me but hey- Im getting better and that's all that matters. My medication has been keeping me pretty loopy - but it's kinda fun. However it's really fucking with my sleep cycle - NOT fun. My second most favorite thing in the world? SLEEP. I'm not used to fighting sleep so bad when I lie down to go to bed... And now I am and it's frustrating as all hell! I think it's because I am also banned from cuddling with my cat during the night. I usually sleep with her on my stomach - and since she has claws and is .. well.. a cat. I can't let her sleep with me to keep the stitches safe. She took it hard the first few nights. Now she's resorting to sleeping outside my door and then NOT LEAVING ME ALONE DURING THE DAY. Good thing most of my weekly work is desk work, otherwise I'd have a cat to trip over all day. She's actually sitting in my lap as I type this. Super cute.

Anyways, that's enough babble update. Im off to work on a few more things and then make late-night-tacos! HUZZAH!


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